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The daring, hilarious, and scandalous adventures of William Shakespeare and Christopher "Kit" Marlowe in the years before they were famous!



Before he was famous, he was a fugitive. Before he wrote of humanity, he lived it. Before he was the Bard of Avon, he was a spy. 

A very poor spy. 

England, 1586. Swept up in the skirts of a mysterious stranger, Will Shakespeare becomes entangled in a deadly and hilarious misadventure as he accidentally uncovers an attempt to murder Queen Elizabeth herself. Aided by the mercurial wit of Kit Marlowe, Will enters London for the first time, chased by rebels, spies, his own government, his past, and a bear. 

Through it all he demonstrates his loyalty and genius, proving himself to be - HER MAJESTY'S WILL.

I loved Her Majesty's Will, a delightful romp through Elizabethan England. When Will Shakespeare and Kit Marlowe stumble onto a plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth, the fun is non-stop, an irresistible mix of suspense, surprises, and humor I just hope we get to see this zany team again.

Sharon Kay Penman


I LOVE this book! I'm laughing and on the edge of my seat and turning the e-pages so fast, I'm

gonna fry my iPad.

C.W. Gortner


Adapted by playwright Robert Kauzlaric and produced in 2017 by Lifeline Theatre of Chicago, this rollicking rampage through Shakespearean lore had audiences crying with laughter. 

Young William Shakespeare is hiding from the law in rural Lancashire, languishing as a simple school master. Christopher Marlowe is living the high life as a spy for the Crown. When a dastardly plot to assassinate the Queen draws these two unforgettable wits together, Will is swept up in a world of intrigue, treachery, and mayhem in an adventure that will define the rest of his life — if he can only manage to save Her Majesty. An irreverent comedy that imagines Shakespeare’s “lost years” as a rousing romp through the streets and across the stages of Elizabethan London.

This gay swashbuckler starring Will Shakespeare and Kit Marlowe received 3 ½ stars from the Chicago Tribune, who dubbed it "a heady, silly romp that works."

"3.5 STARS. Well-honed adaptation...provides an uplifting homage to how common people find uncommon reserves of poetry, courage, wit and honor in times of unrest."  – Chicago Tribune
"This animated adventure story, filled with intrigue, passion, and wild sword fights will thrill even the most jaded Shakespeare scholar and inspire many others to read Blixt’s original novel."  – Chicago Theatre Review
"With strong direction and fight design, a great story and two excellent leading men, Her Majesty’s Will is a wonderful choice for a hot summer night."  – Chicago Theater Beat

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