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Essays on theatre and production, with a decidedly Shakespearean focus. 

Essays on Romeo & Juliet


A collection of essays on Shakespeare’s ROMEO & JULIET by author, actor, and director David Blixt, exploring the nature of the show, revealing its history and inspirations, unlocking the hidden comedy in the famed Balcony Scene, and positing a never-before-heard origin to the famous Capulet-Montague feud - an idea that sparked Blixt’s acclaimed Star-Cross’d series. Having performed and directed this play in more than three-dozen productions, Blixt often jokes that he knows this play "better than I know most people." In this deeply-researched yet accessibly conversational work, he has collected his thoughts on the play in the form of short essays, each exploring a different aspect of Shakespeare's great love story - which Blixt often likes to refute, saying "in a great love story, they'd live." From THE JULIET TRAP to THE WINDOW SCENE, Blixt turns the misconceptions about the play on their head, returning to the text to find great humor, and through that humor, greater tragedy. A must-have for all serious Shakespeare scholars and every actor tackling this classic play!

A Combat Glossary


A volume of historical combat terms, as well as essays on broadswords, rapiers, smallswords, and storytelling. Including essays by David Blixt, Jared Kirby, and Mike Leoni, and a glossary of terms culled from The Fightmaster’s Companion by Dale Girard. Includes: - Biographies of history’s Fight Masters - A list of primary sources for research - A glossary with over 2,500 historical fighting terms - The origins of phrases like ‘flash in the pan’, ‘let the cat out of the bag’, ‘fly off the handle’, & more Originally created for the Historical Novel Society 2015 North American Conference

Essays on Macbeth
Co-Authored by Janice L Blixt

The third novel in the Colossus series is set during the Roman siege of Jerusalem, culminating in the savage fire and sack that is lamented to this day. 


Inside the walls, Judah and his companions face friends and foes, both within and without Jerusalem's fabled walls. Defending the Temple, Judah must decide what he values most, his family, his honor, or his God.

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